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Non-surgical spinal decompression- Imagine your lumbar disc like a jelly donut. You have
fibrous outer portion and a jelly center. If you smash the donut the jelly in the middle will ooze
out. Our lumbar discs react similarly. When we apply to much compressive or twisting force
the jelly in our discs oozes out irritating or putting pressure on nerves, this is called a disc
protrusion or hernation.

The theory behind spinal decompression: by applying distraction forces to the lumbar spine you can create a negative intra-discal pressure or vacuum effect to promote retraction or repositioning of the herniated or bulging disc material. If you are able to accomplish this it will relieve pain caused by compressed or irritated nerves. When you apply decompressive forces over a series of visits the negative intra-discal pressure may be drawn back into the herniated or bulged disc permanently. Unlike traction decompression is not a constant tension. A decompression cycle includes spine distraction and then partial release and is repeated several times during treatment. We also apply treatment at specific angles to have a more direct effect on the injured area. The cycles of distraction and release, over a series of visits, are believed promote the absorption of water, oxygen, and nutrients from outside the discs to the inside.

In addition to disc bulges, protrusions, and hernations spinal decompression may also improve symptoms related to sciatica, pinched nerves, radiating pain down the legs, facet pain, failed surgery, spinal stenosis, chronic and acute low back pain. In most cases the healing process requires about a month of treatment on an out-patient basis. Studies show that 1 in 4 adults suffer from low back pain, which is why we have invested in the most advanced techniques in chiropractic and dedicate a large portion of our practice to the relief of severe and chronic low back pain.

What to Expect during treatment: Treatments on the decompression table are generally pain free. In fact a good portion of our patients play on their smart phones, or take a nap during treatment. Each treatment session is around 35-40 minutes. Treatment time include therapeutic heat before treatment to help relax muscles followed by spinal decompression which takes 20-25 minutes.