William D.- Spinal Decompression

April 22nd, 2009

I have had lumbar back pain for most of forty years, with only temporary relief following two surgeries.  Ths surgeries helped for about one year and then the pain would return.  Multiple Physical Therapy session gave some temporary improvement.  The last attempt to ease my pain was lumbar spinal injectsion.  Those lasted from one months to six months before the pain returned.

The level of pain varied from total incapacity, being hospitalized and placed in traction with bed-rest, to a constant sharp or dull stabbing pain that limited all my activities.  I was told there was nothing more the doctors could do except the temporary spinal injections, which cost over thousands of dollars.  I had given up any hope of ever bing pain-free and having a normal, active life style.

I heard about Spinal Decompression from a relative who worked in a hospital in California.  My wife and I started researching information about the procedure.  Spinal Decompression appeared to be a viable non-surgical method to restore normal functioning and perhaps ease my pain level. 

[When I went to Raab Chiropractic] I was impressed with their professional practice and equipment and scheduled a personal evaluation with Dr. Earnest raab. 

My experience with Drs. Raab at SpinalAid [Raab Chiropractic] more than met my expectations.  The decompression sessions slowly began to lessen my level of pain.  After a few months of treatments, with occasional chiropractic adjustments, I now have no more lumbar pain.  I am now working out on the exercise equipment to strengthen my core muscles that are in rather poor condition. 

All the staff at SpinalAid [Raab Chiropractic] is professional, friendly, dedicated to reducing level of pain restoring people to a better quality of life.  I recommend Spinal Decompression for anyone with lower back pain because Decompression works where other procedures are expensive, only temporary or often fail.