Wellness Partners

March 25th, 2009

Raab Chiropractic has teamed up with several companies and businesses throughout Spokane to bring Wellness to the Inland Northwest.  Check each link for specials provided for each of our partners!

NuSkin & Pharmanex

March 25th, 2009

Raab Chiropractic has added NuSkin & Pharmanex as our first wellness partners.  We promote the use of both Pharmanex nutritional products, and also the use of NuSkin anti-aging skin care products.  If you would like more information regarding these products please feel free to ask the receptionist 0r Dr. Earnie Raab.  You can visit their website by clicking on the link:  Nu Skin & Pharmanex

Snap Fitness

March 25th, 2009

Snap Fitness is a locally ran fitness center located on Indian Trail Road close to Albertson’s in North Spokane.  You will find both Doctors Matthew and Earnest Raab there most days during lunch trying to improve their overall health and wellness.

Jaque R.

March 25th, 2009

After just one treatment the pain and stiffness decreased and now it is like I have no wariness of any movements or exercises.

Dave M.

March 25th, 2009

I’ve been coming as a patient to Dr. Raab for approximately 40 years and was one of his first patients.  He has been helping correct my neck and hip problems for a long time.

What happens to your Neck in an Auto Accident

March 4th, 2009

Phase I-

  • Your back pushes agains seatback. 
  • Straightening of the spine due to pushing back in spine

Phase 2-

  • Subjects upper torso reaches maximum straigtening, and the head is moving backward PARALLEL to the torso, the neck and torso start to form an S-shaped formation
  • Straightening of the spine and “ramping up” motion occurr which causes compression forces
  • Shear forces start to increase gradually. 
  • The neck is at maximum extension
  • SCM muscles start to activate


Phase III and IV will be  posted some time this week.

What to do if you get in an Accident

March 2nd, 2009
 •Exchange insurance & contact information with other driver(s)
•Document driver’s license number of other driver
•Document the license plate number of the other vehicle
•Call the local or state police department
•Get names of all witnesses
•Document all damages to your vehicle
•Draw a picture of the accident while it is fresh in your mind
•List all important factors to the accident (including if the other person was running a light, speeding, talking on a cell phone, etc.)

Whiplash: What to Expect

March 2nd, 2009

You’re in your car, relaxed, waiting and suddenly you hear the screeching of tires.  In that split second and before you can brace yourself, you feel the car lunge forward.  You’ve been rear-ended.  What happens in this brief moment can surprise you and what you do about it in the next few hours, days, and weeks can and will affect your future health. 


Upon impact, your body pushes deeply into the seat.  Your head, momentarily isolated by your neck, delays its reaction while your body quickly reaches the limits of the seat.  Then, your body instantly changes directions, moving forward to the limits of your seat belt.  Now, your head starts moving backward in the opposite direction.  Unrestrained by a seat belt your head is jerked back and forward beyond its normal limits.  Your head is always going opposite of your body.  What happens when you hold a piece of paper and move your hands in opposite directions, it tears. This is exactly how we can tear the ligaments and muscles of the neck.  Everything is happening in slow motion, yet you are unable to prevent your head from whipping back and forth. 


How can we minimize our injuries in a rear-end collision, we must be restrained by a seat belt this obviously prevents severe injuries and excessive forward motion of your body.  The second crucial factor is the position of the headrest.  It has to be no more than 1 inch away from the back of your head and the height has to extend above the top of your head.  With the proper positioning the headrest can prevent excessive backward motion.  If the position is incorrect the headrest actually adds to the problem by creating a fulcrum, which allows your head extend over the top and increases the stretching of ligaments and muscle tissue in the front of your neck.  


Don’t minimize your own injuries because your car has sustained little or no damage.  It has been proven that a 5 mph impact can result in soft tissue injury.  Signs and symptoms from a whiplash type injury can be many and vary in severity.  The most common symptom is neck pain, which may take a few hours to begin due to the adrenaline rush.  Headaches are the second most common symptom, 85% of all headaches are tension headaches, and we know after the above description of an accident we would have tension.  Do not let these signs and symptoms go for a long period of time, because pain is an indication that something is wrong and just blocking the pain will not fix the problem.  A thorough evaluation would be required to identify the problem and to determine the treatment you need.  You have to restore proper motion with in the neck, in order to allow the muscles and ligaments of your neck to repair and heal.  Don’t wait or think, my accident wasn’t that bad, seek proper care.